Terapias Energeticas (Energetic Therapies)

Brian Hornbeck
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Workshops, Therapies and Herbs focused in 
Traditional Medicine, 
getting you back in Balance!

Minerals from all over the World
Rough, Carved and Polished

Crafts, Art and beautiful adornments for you and your home!!!
Quartzsite!!!  Can't wait to see you there next year!
My place in Tijuana!!   It all starts here!!! 
Clinic, School, Laboratory, Workshop, Store & HOME 
The Mural was done by my Friend
 Libre Gutierrez!
This site is here to share about what I am doing, my passions and interests.

In My life I have spent many years dedicated to the learning, sharing and preserving of Traditional Medicine. One of my passions. Here in this site I will share Info, Images, Remedies and More........

My other passion Rocks, Stones and Minerals. Collecting, Sharing  and Creating with the ancient ones.

I will make an effort to keep you informed of my upcoming classes and other entertaining things that I am finding and doing. 

Check in often!!!