Terapias Energeticas (Energetic Therapies)

Brian Hornbeck
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About Me and Terapia Energeticas
I am a Traditional Healer or Curandero.  
I have been working with Traditional Medicine for more than 20 years.  
I am originally from Detroit, Michigan and since 2000 have lived in Tijuana Baja California (B. C.), Mexico.  Most of my time since 1990 has been spent in California, Baja California  and Arizona discovering and sharing the Magic of Traditional Medicine.
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In 2001, Shortly after arriving in Tijuana,  I began Participating in the Mexican National Festival of Medicinal Plants which has led to a deep connection to the Traditional Healers here in Mexico.  I have been invited several times to teach at the Festival and since have become a representative of the Mexican Institute of Traditional Medicine in Baja.  

The first few visits to the Festival led to an amazing journey of being invited all over Mexico to share Knowledge and Healing with many indigenous groups and communities.

There were several years when I would load 2 duffle bags of herbs, a kit of tinctures and a massage table onto a bus and take off for months at a time doing healing and learning in Pueblos all over Mexico.  In this time period I treated literally thousands of patients myself and working in partnership with Other Traditional Healers.  The amount of experience and knowledge gained in this period still is amazing to me.

Though my travelling clinic has slowed down a bit I still treat patients on an almost daily basis and truly enjoy it.

I have studied and worked with Traditional Western Herbs, Chinese Herbs as well as an extensive study of the Indigenous use of Herbs and Traditional Medicine.  I have been recognized and am registered as a Traditional Healer wit the United Nations of Indians.

I work with many healing modalities: Eastern and Western Massage, Traditional Bone Setting, Healing with Energy, Reiki, Jin Shin, Crystal Healing (my 1st method of sharing), Group Meditation and Qi Gong.  Most of these I also teach.

I work with many forms of Traditional Medicine to bring the body, mind and spirit into alignment after traumatic experiences.

Working with Plants and Minerals has been the major passion in my life and has brought me so many magical and wonderful experiences. I continue to be fascinated with learning and sharing with those who are awakening to the wonders of the gifts and Traditions from the Mother Earth.
In 2007 I created Escuela de la Madre Tierra (School of the Mother Earth) a small school and clinic in Tijuana where I was sharing Traditional Medicine with those searching for both knowledge and a way to return to balance in their lives and health.
The school was founded with the idea of sharing, promoting and preserving Traditional Medicine and respect for the Mother Earth.  
The School of Mother Earth was involved extensively in the B.C. community organizing and participating in ecological and cultural events to get the word out to as many people as we could.
For 3 years we organized The Festival of Traditional Medicine of the Americas, inviting Traditional Healers and Herbalists From Mexico and the USA to share their knowledge here in B.C.