Terapias Energeticas (Energetic Therapies)

Brian Hornbeck
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Crystal Healing
In this class we learn to use Crystals, Stones and Minerals to achieve balance for yourself and those you love!

- Learn about the energetic properties of more than 50 minerals
- Create a personal relationship with the mineral kingdom
- Use stones to create the energy for help in your current processes
- work with crystals stones and minerals to balance the chakras
- Use stones to balance the energy of your loved ones and clients
​- Learn to feel better and help others

We will look at, touch and truly connect with these stone beings through meditation and intense interaction.

​This class is so fun!! It was the first healing modality that I used, I have been working with crystal healing for more than 25 years and teaching this workshop for the last 15 years.  

Whether you want to just learn more about the mineral world or want to add a new healing technique to your books of tricks you will enjoy this class!

Yes, it is a great class for everyone!!!