Terapias Energeticas (Energetic Therapies)

Brian Hornbeck
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​Healing with Energy
In this class we learn to manage Energy!

- Protect yourself from taking on unwanted energy
- Own your sacred space
- Repair your Aura
- Eliminate negative energy and unwanted connections from your sacred space
- Connect to unlimited source of energy to use in your life and work
- Connect to the LOVE and the healingENERGIES of the Mother Earth and the Universe!
​- Learn to feel better and help others

About 70 % of this class is spent learning how to manage your own personal energy and be in control of the energy in your personal sacred space.
In the rest of the class we learn how to do this for others.

​This class is necesary for those working as Therapists and beneficial for anyone who is in contact with other people.  

Yes, it is a great class for everyone!!!